Goodie Hack brings techies and non-techies together for a day of brainstorming and developing web and mobile apps to make awesome purpose-driven organizations who serve under-served communities even more impactful. Our mission is to help raise the basic need averages of people in under-served communities, relative to education, health & wellness, economic, safety, and environmental issues, around the world up to their respective countries’ national averages. 

We believe our communities already have all the resources in place to solve the majority of our problems, but the ecosystem isn’t very efficient. By harnessing the collective wisdom and connections of community members, we strive to increase the capacity of organizations already working on these issues. 

What We Do

The stages we cover.

Stage 1: Challenge Assessment

Awesome purpose-driven organizations which focus on under-served communities, yet have issues in reaching their potential are selected to present. We work to understand the potential impact if these problems are solved.

Stage 2: The Event

Techies and non-techies (marketers, educators, artists, everyday people, government officials, etc) come together for 10 hours during Goodie Hack to generate ideas on web or mobile apps to solve these problems.

Stage 3: App Development

During Goodie Hack, each team is encouraged to start actually developing an app. Post-event, they continue development and launch an app within 90 days.  Organizations have the chance to license their team’s product at no cost.

Our Impact

Just some of the purpose-driven organizations our attendees have increased capacity for by brainstorming and developing web or mobile apps.


What the attendees are saying.

  • Tracey Jackson (UX Designer | Miami, FL)

    I had an amazing time at Goodie Hack. I appreciated the fact that the participants gave their time to create a solution for non-profits who are in need. That’s what service is all about. I am very much looking forward to the next one.

    - Tracey Jackson (UX Designer | Miami, FL)
  • Travis Stegall (Non-Profit Executive | Atlanta, GA)

    I was totally blown away by the amount and caliber of talent in the room yesterday. As a small social enterprise, the experience was invaluable. Smaller organizations are in such need of what you guys did in order for us to be on an even playing field.

    - Travis Stegall (Non-Profit Executive | Atlanta, GA)
  • Matt Polini (Developer | Atlanta, GA)
    Amazing event yesterday.  Thanks for making that happen and glad we linked up when we did. Very refreshing and inspiring individuals and looking forward to the near future and next events.
    - Matt Polini (Developer | Atlanta, GA)


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5 Ways To Prepare for Goodie Hack Atlanta Q2

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